How to setup Google+ APP?

Google+ APP enables social login and social sharing for Google users. If you have already created Google+ APP for your online store then re-check this guide to make sure that everything is correctly configured.

1) Open and click on `Create Project` button.
In the popup-form type your shop name and click on Create button:

2) Go to `Google APIs` section. Search for Google+ API (by keyword "plus") and turn it on.

3) Open `Credentials` section, then click on `client ID` link:

4) Then click on the button indicated below:  

5) In this form you can edit the details of your application (including logo, email address, etc):  

6)  In the following form (1) select `Web application` in APPLICATION TYPE, (2) type the name of the application, (3) Then type your online store domain in AUTHORIZED JAVASCRIPT ORIGINS field. For example, if your site name is `` then type the following addresses:

If you have the custom domain name(for example, then use it:

(4) In order to configure Redirection URLs please add to the ending "/oauth2callback"

7) That's all, copy `Client ID`:

8) Go to Growave admin panel -

Fulfill `Google Client ID` text field and click the `Save Changes` button.

If you face any problems then feel free to contact us -

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