How to change e-mail design in Growave?

Automated e-mails and notifications are sent to customers in different cases. You can change the design of such e-mails in Growave's Admin panel to make them as you want and adjust the design of e-mails to the design of your own brand. Here you can see several steps that can help you do that: 

Please go to Growave > Design There you can easily style the design of your e-mails - change, edit header, and footer. 

2) On the Email Design menu, there are columns that can help you to design e-mails. You can click on every section and adjust the parts of the email. Also, here you can switch between mobile and desktop versions to check how it will look like.  

3) On the settings section, you can easily select what social network icons will be shown in your e-mail (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.), so users will be able to visit your public pages. It allows you to specify e-mail address from which emails to be sent.

Also, you can set e-mail menu and allows your users to view your collections or pages using these links.

That's it, it is that simple! If you experience any problems please feel free to contact us.      

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