How to monitor reports in Automated emails?

Automated emails provide you with a tool to monitor statistics. It shows the number of sent emails, opens, clicks, revenue (orders) made by using the links in emails, and bounced emails

Statistics shows the most important parameter - conversion. You can see whether your campaign is effective or not and decide to stop or proceed to send. Another part of stats section is ''Top Links Clicked'' shows you the most clicked links by recipients.

In order to see statistics, go to Automated e-mails section in our Admin panel.  Here you can see all the types of emails and the most important numbers. 

If you want to see more detailed insights, click on "View" button of the certain email campaign.

After reviewing reports, you might want to change the time when it's sent, subject, body of emails, etc. In order to make these changes, click on "Edit" button. You can also stop sending by clicking on "Pause" button.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. 

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