Put social sharing icons on product pages

1) Go to Growave admin panel and select "Share Product Icons" campaign: 

2) Fill out needed fields:  

  1. Select social networks you want customers to share. 
  2. Type your default sharing message which can be edited by users. 
  3. If you would like to encourage users to share for a small rewarding, then type your offer text. Otherwise, leave it empty.
  4. Select how users will be rewarded: Reusable or Unique coupons (can be imported from your Shopify store). And choose who will receive a reward: only referrer (who is sharing) or both (who is sharing and users who are clicking) [Available on "Growing Business" plan]
3) Click on "Save and Run" and you will be asked to embed code. Copy the code:

4) Go to Themes section in Shopify Admin panel -> "Edit HTML / CSS" -> "product.liquid" and paste the code to where you need: 

It requires some coding skills, so if you feel that you may need our help then just contact us.  

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