Convert wishlists to sales

If customers add certain products to their wish lists, it means they are interested in them. You can use it to convert wish lists to sales by sending personalized emails based on wishlists, e.g. if a user adds iPhone, you can send an offer when the item is on sale. 

You can set up 3 types of automated emails:

1) Wishlist Products are back in stock.

This e-mail is sent to a customer when the item from the customer's wish list is back in stock, i.e. if the customer has added a certain product to his wishlist and it was missing in the shop, then the customer receives this type of e-mail notification when the product is back. 

2) Wishlist Products will be sold out soon

This email is sent to a customer if the item from the customer's wish list will be sold out soon. It can be a great tool to inform your customers by warning them about the number of products. As a result, it can make customers decide faster on the purchase.

3) Wishlist Products are on sale

This email is sent to a customer if an item from the customer's wishlist is on sale. So it is a great way to let customers know about it. 

Here, we would like to mention that e-mails are sent only once for certain periods of time in order not to bother customers. Even if the customers have items from several campaigns, our platform checks it and sends the e-mail in an appropriate time.

In order to launch these emails, please click a title of each type of email. If you face any problems then please feel free to contact us

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