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  1. Add Comments widget to product pages

  2. Add Social Reviews widget

  3. Automatically share new products to Community Feed

  4. Autoresponder feature for SocialShopWave

  5. Collect reviews from a separate page

  6. Collect reviews from social media accounts (Social Pull)

  7. Convert wishlists to sales

  8. Create “Give X to Get X” referral campaign

  9. Customize SocialShopWave’s look to fit your theme styles

  10. Display a social sharing popup

  11. Display an average rating for products

  12. Display reviews on a separate page

  13. Enable Community add-on

  14. Enable Wishlist boards

  15. Encourage customers to share their purchases

  16. Encourage customers to share their reviews

  17. Getting Started

  18. Getting started OR Shop Instagram page

  19. How selling wishlist items works?

  20. How to add a full width review widget

  21. How to add Google UTM parameters in emails?

  22. How to approve Facebook app permissions? [ADVANCED]

  23. How to change e-mail design in SocialShopWave?

  24. How to correctly remove “Related Items” widget?

  25. How to create a new Instagram gallery?

  26. How to create autoresponder in SocialShopWave?

  27. How to create own Facebook APP [screens]?

  28. How to create own Facebook APP? [video]

  29. How to create your own Amazon app for Social Login?

  30. How to edit e-mail templates in SocialShopWave?

  31. How to edit HTML of email templates?

  32. How to embed Instagram gallery into your site?

  33. How to embed Reviews slider widget

  34. How to get most out of SocialShopWave and Swell apps combination?

  35. How to hide certain products using this tag: ssw-hide

  36. How to integrate Ask Friends button into Product page?

  37. How to moderate Instagram galleries and view analytics?

  38. How to monetize the popular missing product variants?

  39. How to monitor reports in Automated emails?

  40. How to put Related Items on product page?

  41. How to set up "Favorite item will be sold out soon" emails?

  42. How to set up "Favorite items are back in stock" emails?

  43. How to set up "Your favorite item is on sale" emails?

  44. How to setup Google+ APP?

  45. How to setup own Tumblr APP?

  46. How to setup Twitter APP?

  47. How to show product information on

  48. How to tag products on Instagram photos?

  49. How to translate phrases into different languages?

  50. How to uninstall SocialShopWave app?

  51. Import reviews from Yotpo, Shopify Reviews, Kudobuzz

  52. Integrate Add to Wishlist button into Product page

  53. Integrate Members Saved This widget

  54. Integrate People page

  55. Integrate Social Login drop-down

  56. Integrate Social Login pop-up

  57. Moderate Community Feed and manage reports

  58. Publish reviews on social media (Social Push)

  59. Put Community Feed on a separate page

  60. Put social sharing icons on product pages

  61. Put Wishlist icons to Collections or any other pages

  62. Replace Shopify's blog comments

  63. Reward users for leaving reviews

  64. Send a review request after the purchase

  65. SEO, Google rich snippets and Social Reviews

  66. Set up a smart sharing campaign

  67. Set up discounts in Social Login

  68. Variables in email templates

  69. What do widgets allow to do and how to use them?

  70. What does Invite Friends add-on allow?

  71. What does Social Reviews add-on allow?

  72. What does Wishlist app allow?

  73. What is a Social Login?

  74. What is an Ask Friends button?

  75. What is Follow People popup?

  76. What is People page?

  77. What is Persistent Cart?

  78. What is personalized widget?

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